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Samurai Sabre

Samurai Sabres, Find your inner warrior $42.50 to $70.50 The all new Samurai Sabre was developed with a new handle and blade design to look, feel and spin like our Spanish-style Excalibur Sabre. Key Features Excellent for experienced guard member, as well as a durable starter sabre for beginners. Handle and blade are indestructible and […]

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Excalibur Sabre

36″ = $127.95 39″ = $139.95 The Sabre of Champions!     High Impact Resistant PU Handle.   Redesigned Hilt for Extra Strength   Newly Tempered Stainless Steel Blade.   Hardened and polished stainless steel blade and hilt.   Tapered blade for perfect balance.   Interchangeable parts   Available in 36” or 39” lengths. 36″ […]

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Blade Sabre

36″ = $99.95 39″ = $109.95 Spinning the edge. The BLADE has been modeled after the widely used and highly pop8lar Spanish Saber.  The hilt is made from a rugged poly fiber compound and is ergonomically designed to allow for the tight grip and easy handling.  The blade and hilt guard are made from high […]

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