militery Baton

Military Signal Baton 49 Inch

45″ – $ 159.95

49″ – $169.95

PEACOCK MILITARY SIGNAL    Some points that may be helpful for you to know about the Peacock Military Baton:

  • The head of the Military Signal Baton (4” diameter) is made of steel for maximum durability and is polished, double nickel plated and then chrome plated.  The dome (top portion of the head) is user replaceable.
  • The shaft is 1” diameter aluminum specially treated with your choice of silver, gold or black finish.  The shaft is     wrapped with your choice of cord color (Red, White, Royal, Gold, Black, Orange, Kelly Green, Maroon or     Purple).  Cord is user replaceable.
  • The ferrule is solid tapered aluminum designed to give the strength and weight for a balanced performance.
  • Baton includes a user replaceable rubber tip at bottom.
  • The Military Signal Baton is available in 45” and 49” lengths.