Mega_Vox__Wirele_48866e7427b3aMega Vox Sound System

1 Channel $1,395.00

2 Channel $1,795.00

Product Description

Just grab it and go! With the MegaVox Pro you’re ready for any situation…it’s lightweight, loud and easy to carry. Thousands report it’s the most reliable PA system on the market. Emergency responders like its signal alert siren, wired microphone and convenient shoulder strap. Coaches, band directors and auctioneers appreciate the flexibility of the AC/DC operation and the range of the wireless microphones.


  • True AC/DC, 110/220V power supply
  • 40W AC mode / 20W DC mode
  • 119 dB of clear sound
  • Reaches a distance of 100 yards
  • Lightweight – only 15 lbs.
  • High-efficiency re-entrant horn driver
  • Up to two built-in 16 channel UHF wireless receivers
  • Built-in Bluetooth Capability
  • Built-in rechargeable battery runs up to 10 hours on a charge
  • Microphone with coil cord
  • Signal alert button
  • External speaker output powers optional MegaVox Pro companion speaker


Hail to the MegaVox! My staff and I do not know what we would do without this amplification system. Trying to talk to a marching band spread out on a 100 yard field is simple with the MegaVox. It allows you to sit in a press box to see the overall designs while still being able to communicate to the band members. It saves my voice and makes our rehearsals as efficient as possible. A great feature is the ability to connect a metronome to the MegaVox. When you are finished for the day, just recharge it and you’re ready to go again. It does not require much maintenance, and we use the MegaVox all year round. It’s a great public address sound system.

Nogales High School – La Puente, CA

I am an auctioneer and needed a portable PA that would be battery-operated for outdoor use. The MegaVox worked great. I was “SOLD”.

Auctioneer – Kernesville, NC

Package includes a body pack transmitter, a headset or lapel wireless mic, an AC charger/adapter, a dynamic wired mic, a handy carrying strap, AND a FREE HEAVY-DUTY SPEAKER STAND.


Package includes 2 body pack transmitters, 2 headset or lapel wireless mics, an AC charger/adapter, a dynamic wired mic, a handy carrying strap, AND a FREE HEAVY-DUTY SPEAKER STAND.