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In answer to your requests we have done it; now the Mark I Rifle is solid color through-and -through. No more chipped paint. With the new brushed finish the Mark I now looks more like wood. Thanks to all of you who offered you input!


Key features

  • 100% American made!
  • All metal parts on the Mark I® use a metal alloy that is consistent in color throughout.  No chipping pealing or scratches of a plated surface that would reveal a different color of metal below.  (Sourced from a Kentucky manufacturer.)
  • The bolt, bolt carrier (Action) and trigger use a vacuum metalized finish that is more environmentally friendly and safer to produce than similar nickel or chrome plated parts.  (Sourced from an Ohio manufacturer.)
  • The quality leather strap available in black or white is made by the same craftsmen that manufacture saddles and tack for the thoroughbred equine industry.  (Sourced from a Kentucky manufacturer.)
  • Our stock uses a high impact polystyrene, and is molded with a single injection point.  This is a more difficult manufacturing process than used by our competitors who use multiple injection points.  Our process uses a single pour and does not require the polystyrene to bond back together after entering the mold.  This can help eliminate weak points in the rifle.  (Sourced from an Indiana manufacturer.)
  • All final assembly is done in our manufacturing facility in Lexington, Kentucky.

MarkIRifle-04     strapp

Available in black, brown or white, with black or white leather strap. The weight with strap is approximately 4 lbs., and all parts are in stock and available for immediate delivery.